Top ten Health Information Exchange HIE participation strategy questions for hospital organizations

1)      What is the Return on Investment ROI?

2)      What will be the initial cost to the organization?

3)      Does it benefits the hospital organization and its providers?

4)      Will it improve and streamline the hospital and affiliated clinician’s offices workflow in the long run?

5)      To what level the hospital has to share its Clinical Data Repository CDR  information with the HIE?

6)      How much control the hospital organization will have on the project and how will it impact its competitive marketplace?

7)      Is the chosen technology platform for the HIE is ready?

8)      What are the legal barriers?

9)      What are government mandate implications (HITECH, HIPPA, and IDC-10) if the organization chooses to participate in the HIE?

10)   Can privacy and security for the patient data is achievable?

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