Top ten key items on Enterprise Architect’s (EA) “To-Do” list – Goals and deliverables

1)      The main driver for Enterprise Architect’s (EA) work should be the alignment of organization’s business with IT

2)      EA should work on long term strategies both for processes and technologies

3)      EA”s deliverable must have road maps, migration plans, IT plans, stakeholders management plans and communication plans

4)      EA deliverable should simplify and standardize the corporate enterprise architecture (blueprints, models, principles, standards, and templates)

5)      Re-usability of both data & processes should be a high priority

6)      EA should find innovative ways to integration new technologies to the IT organization

7)      Always keep the big picture in mind

8)      EA should show leadership

9)      Risk management should be done at all levels in business and technology architecture, portfolio management, and migration planning and execution

10)   Governance structure should be implemented and contracts should be complied.

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