Key steps for a successful cloud integration

1)      Create a clear vision for the cloud usage for your organization

2)      Define clear business goals (growth, revenue, improvement, and/or differentiation)

3)      Get agreement from the Leadership

4)      Define a clear business case and link it to opportunities in areas like business-process improvement, business intelligence, and innovation

5)      Define cloud deployment road-map

6)      Define ROI in terms of revenue, expenses, growth potential and  market share

7)      Get detail cost analysis for the potential cloud solution for your organization’s environment

8)      Communicate the road-map to internal groups involved in cloud deployment

9)      Do pilot programs for cloud deployments

10)  Create quantifiable metrics for cloud usages

11)  Do an agile approach and improve release cycles

12)  Adapt policies to ensure consistency in procurement, data usage, and integration.

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