Key Components of An Enterprise Architecture Practice Play book

In this era of technology transformation, corporations need an EA practice to assist its units including IT and business in managing, operating, and extending NEW Context-Rich Systems, Smart Machines, Cloud and Mobile Support Systems, Software Defined Apps and Infrastructure, Risk-based security protection Setup that will be required to support the business. EA practice needs to have well defined mission and agenda. Following are the key areas an EA practice needs to concentrate. I have divided the key areas into four parts. I will cover Part 1 and Part 2 in this blog and Part 3 and Part 4 in my next blog.

Part 1: EA Practice Competency

Part 2: EA Charter

Part 3: Formulating The Practice

Part 4: Areas of Concentration (Business, Portfolio, Solution, and Technical)

  1. Part 1: EA Practice Competency
    1. Strategy and Business Alignment
    2. Customer and Partner Relationship
    3. Architecture Excellence
    4. Financial Acumen
      1. App Rationalization Opportunities
        1. Forecast, Accurate and Quantifiable Savings
    5. Communication and Collaboration
    6. Leadership
  2. Part 2: EA Charter
    1. Introduce the EA Function
      1. Define EA Mission, Planning Horizon, Scope of EA Activities and Span of control
        1. Areas
          1. View Technology Components Holistically
          2. Evaluate Solutions
          3. Communicate Technology Direction
          4. Integration and Enterprise Collaboration
          5. Reusability  and Standards
    2. Defined EA Deliverables
      1. Describe Short Term and Long Term work that EA will complete
          1. Short Term
            1. Assessment of IT portfolio
            2. Define Future State Architecture – Requirements, Principles, and Models
            3. Architecture Roadmaps (Tactical Alignment)
            4. Communication Plan
          2. Long Term
            1. Business Strategy Alignment
            2. High Value Projects
            3. Capability Enablement
            4. Operating Cost
            5. Architecture Roadmaps  (Strategy Alignment)
    3. Identify Objectives and Metrics
      1. Define EA’s Measures of Progress and Success
    4. Define EA Roles and Organizational Structure
      1. Describe EA’s Role in Strategic Planning
      2. Architecture Review Board
      3. Core Enterprise Architecture Team
    5. Describe EA Governance and Communication
      1. Define the Architecture Review Process
      2. IT Change Management
      3. Communication of EA information

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