Cloud Migration Considerations

Over the past few years Enterprise Cloud Strategy has become an integral part of IT strategy. There is a growing realization that cloud computing not only represents a set of technical opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings, but also provides the potential to significantly transform the scope of enterprise computing. In fact, many enterprises are finding that cloud computing offers entirely new business models, revenue streams, and vehicles for customer intimacy.

The goal of any enterprise strategy is to create competitive differentiation and advantage, and little doubt remains that IT has become a key element in modern strategy. IT now drives transformative innovation, making it possible for enterprises to compete more effectively by instantiating processes that deliver ongoing competitive advantage.

For any IT organization to be successful in delivering its enterprise strategy it must deliver on its Enterprise Cloud Strategy. There are many areas to be considered when executing a successful cloud strategy. In this blog I will highlight the key areas to be considered when delivering on a enterprise cloud strategy. In the later posts I will explain each area in detail.

  • Define and communicate cloud deployment motivators both business and technical
  • Get cloud readiness & maturity assessment done for your organization
  • Choose the cloud adoption pattern for the organization
  • Define the cloud characteristics
  • Pick the cloud delivery model and workloads
  • Create the cloud adaption strategy and roadmap
  • Gather inputs from across the organization for success (e.g. business strategy, organization, processes,  App portfolio, infrastructure, governance, Fiscal considerations, etc…)
  • High-Level cloud transformation approach including cloud transition or/and transformation approach
  • Define cloud transformation assessment process for continuity of success.



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