Enterprise Architecture – Some key points

1)      Key Enterprise Architect Goals:

  1. Business and IT alignment
  2. Long term strategy both for processes  and technology. (Migration path, IT plan, Road map)
  3. Simplify and standardize (Blueprint, Models, Principles Standards, Templates)
  4. Reuse data & processes
  5. Innovation
  6. The big picture
  7. Leadership
  8. Risk management
  9. Governance

2)      Adapt an industry recognized framework: (A good framework is TOGAF. It provides all the tools needed to implement and run a successful EA practice)

  1. ADM – Step by step approach (Objective, Approach, input, steps and output)
  2. ADM Guidance (e.g. scenarios iteration) and Techniques (e.g. GAP)
  3. Architecture Content Framework – Work product (artifacts, patterns  and models)
  4. Enterprise Continuum and Tools – Virtual repository – Classifying architecture and solution artifacts
  5. Reference Models – TRM and III-RM
  6. Architecture Capability Framework

3)      Manage the client (stakeholders in the organization):  Identify the stakeholders and create a communication plan

4)      Assess the organization’s capabilities at all levels – Business and IT

5)      Create document to demonstrate EA value propositions

6)      Always keep an eye on EA goals and objectives

7)      Keep RAID in mind when working on different areas of EA:

  1. Risks must be recognized, managed and taken
  2. Assumptions must be made
  3. Issued must be addressed
  4. Dependencies should be managed

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