Why COVID-19 data is an important part of data analytics?

Data insights using publicly available, localized COVID-19 data mashup with internal data is the key in effectively managing business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Organizations always have data to assist them in managing their operations and in forecasting sales and revenues. In today’s environment, external CVOID-19 data combined with internal data has become a necessary tool for organizations’ leaders in understanding and addressing three key areas including

Business impact – Scale of impact

Response – Operations continuity

Path forward – Agile operations

Organizations, especially smaller ones, have better chances of surviving and thriving in this economy if they have access to some real-time quantitative analytics.

Even with the availability of public data on COVID-19, I am finding organizations struggling to have simple dashboards for quick data insights. Recently, I started assisting my clients to develop a simple format of assimilated data dashboards using COVID-19 data overlaying their internal data. They were able to quickly view their impacted market segment using relevant “What-if scenarios and trends”. The turnaround time was quick and impactful. I am seeing great results with customers who have taken this approach of having quick analytics.