Top reasons why enterprise technology roadmaps are important for the success of Digital Transformations

  1. Road mapping communicates business, technology and product plans to
    team members, management, customers, and suppliers.
  2. Roadmaps provide a guide to the team, allowing the team to recognize and
    act on events that require a change in direction.
  3. Road mapping is just good planning.
  4. Roadmaps incorporate an explicit element of time.
  5. Roadmaps link business strategy and market data with product and
    technology decisions.
  6. Roadmaps reveal gaps in product and technology plans.
  7. Roadmaps prioritize investments based on drivers.
  8. Road mapping helps set more competitive and realistic targets.
  9. Sharing roadmaps allows strategic use of technology across product lines.
  10. Road mapping enables a common view for entire development team.