Enterprise Architecture Practice Playbook: Areas of Concentration (Business, Portfolio, Solution, and Technical)


  1. Mapping inter-dependencies b/w process, apps, data and technologies
  2. Partner with the business to optimize information flows and process
  3. Enterprise data modeling and reference data management
  4. IT strategy planning and investment prioritization
  5. Aligning IT with business processes
  6. Challenges
    • Determining a data ownership strategy
    • Collaborating with business units to identify core business processes and opportunities for rationalization


  1. Maintain global applications inventories
  2. Retire applications to simplify the system portfolio
  3. Managing ERP strategy
  4. Challenges
    • Mapping apps to business processes
    • Obtaining funding and by-in for legacy retirement
    • Determining mix between monolithic and best-in class packages


  1. Standardize development platform, tools and languages
  2. Provide design engineering services to project teams
  3. Embedding architectural standards into development life-cycles
  4. Creating harden patterns
  5. Conducting design reviews
  6. Challenges
    • Ensuring uptake of the architectural solution
    • Structuring incentive for reuse
    • Positioning EA as value added consultant to the development team
    • Involving EA early in the design process


  1. Create infrastructure road-maps and standards
  2. Introduce new technologies to the enterprise
  3. Providing technical engineering integration and security services to the project teams
  4. Challenges
    • Enforce technical requirements across business units’ technical requirements
    • Making the business case for foundation investment
    • Evaluating the life cycle cost and effect of new technologies